Membership Options

Publicize your upcoming event and get the attention of the entire community

SocialMiami has an online free community calendar that lives on our site and is seen by 100,000 people each year.

For members, SocialMiami will deliver all the information about your upcoming events directly to the inboxes of our discerning readers in our Events-of-the-Week newsletter, the calendar referenced by South Florida readers with serious discerning social agendas and healthy disposable incomes.. It’s sent to over 30,000 affluent and educated readers who are searching for worthwhile causes and occasions. The listing includes your event headline, the dates, a description of the event, cost, your organization, contact information, and a link to your site. It also includes the ability to post an eye-catching photo alongside the text.

What’s more, membership gives your organization a page on and displays your logo, contact information and mission statement. All the events posted – including but not limited to those publicized in Events-of-the-Week – will also automatically appear on your organization’s SocialMiami page, giving readers a full perspective on your activities and endeavors throughout the year.

Cost: $900 per year.