Social Eyes

To prepare your glamourous page for Social Eyes we will need:

  • Between 15 and 20 photos featuring your donors, supporters, celebrity guests and committee members. Please do NOT send photos of organization employees unless appearing with donors and even then, the CEO or president should not appear in more than two photos. Also please do not send photos of people receiving your charity’s funds or services, particularly children.
  • PHOTO FILE NAMES MUST IDENTIFY SUBJECTS APPEARING. For example, if the photo features Bob Smith and Judy Smith, the submitted file must be named “Bob and Judy Smith.jpeg.” In order to accurately identify your supporters, we won’t publish photos without this naming format.
  • Dropbox is the best way to send photos. PLEASE DO NOT SEND PHOTOS EMBEDDED IN A DOCUMENT OR PDF FILE. They do not publish as clear.
  • Text or your press release describing the event, the chairs, the sponsors, the donors, the tastes the sounds. We find your readers most easily digest shorter text blocks that are limited to about 250 words.




Materials submitted for publication become the property of and won’t be returned. They’ll be used as SocialMiami deems appropriate. We may share them with other media outlets at our discretion.