Thank you for inviting to cover your event. In order to provide our readers with accurate reporting and proper spelling, we have compiled the following guidelines:

For pre-event publicity, text and photos must be submitted at least two weeks before publication.

For post-event publicity, such as SocialEyes columns and event coverage, text and photos must be submitted within two weeks of the event.

All text is subject to SocialMiami’s edits.  All edits, unless factually incorrect, are final.

Text must be submitted in a Microsoft Word document as an email attachment. Submissions in PDF files, embedded in emails or as webpages cannot be guaranteed for accuracy and will therefore not be published.

Photo file names must identify the included subjects and in correct order. Photos with numbers as file names will not be published. Photos captions will be published exactly how the file names are submitted.

Photos must be submitted either as a single email attachment or, when transmitting multiple photos, must be submitted via Dropbox. Please do NOT use WeTransfer or Google Sharing.

Photos must be submitted as JPEG files. For SocialSnapshot questionnaires, PDF files will be accepted.

Materials submitted for publication become the property of and won’t be returned. They’ll be used as SocialMiami deems appropriate. We may share them with other media outlets at our discretion.

Thank you for contributing to the site chronicling who to know and where to go.