SocialMiami virtual fundraisers by Rolando D. Rodriguez

Powerful, prosperous and from the comfort of your computer

SocialMiami virtual fundraisers by Rolando Rodriguez will help your organization raise urgent funds during a social distancing crisis. Not only will you replace resources, but through SocialMiami’s affluent and educated audience, your organization will gain awareness, attract new donors and expand its network while also engaging and expanding its donor base.

Through a single, visually appealing donation page that can be spread through social networks, this type of fundraising is extraordinarily effective. Often these campaigns are presented as Virtual Events, replacing your annual luncheon or gala. You will be delighted by how many of your loyal donors “attend!” With campaigns running from four to six weeks, some organizations find that when counting pure profits, these virtual fundraisers are more lucrative than lavish galas.

Through this service, our philanthropic expert and our support team will help you:

Though an in-depth consultation of your resources we’ll identify the appropriate software platform and external resources needed to accomplish goals. We’ll also help you create your committee and create the virtual fundraising plan.

Gear up for Action
Here, we’ll work with you to create a timeline, budget and goals. You’ll learn to engage board leadership and team fundraisers, so you have weight behind you when executing this plan.

SocialMiami — the media outlet serving as city’s philanthropic center — will report on your organization’s campaign in a pre-event publicity article. The site will continue to report on the campaign’s progress and will at the end publish a piece with great fanfare, including amounts raised and photos of instrumental donors.

We’ll guide the virtual launch of the campaign; create benchmarks and activities to promote the campaign, help design a virtual campaign close-out, which includes publicity, provide feedback to reach objectives and mentoring the whole team.

We’ll guide you in tying up loose ends, tallying the totals, and provide customized tips on thanking donors, staff, committees and staying on the minds of community members.

contact: – 305-778-3021